Food Service Worker (U-1)

  • Full Time
  • Norfolk

This is an Ability One job.

Performs a variety of tasks concerned with the preparation and serving of foods and beverages. Washes, peels, scrapes, and cuts vegetables and fruits. Prepares simple salads and toast. Cuts butter and slices cakes and pies. Makes coffee, tea, and other beverages. Dishes out portions of foods on trays or plates, and pours beverages. Prepares dining and serving areas by setting up counters, stands, and tables. Places food containers in serving order, fills salt and pepper shakers, and places linen and silverware on tables. Scrapes, washes, and sorts dishes, glassware, and silverware. Cleans kitchen equipment, pots and pans, counters, and tables. Sweeps and mops floors.

    • Read, understand, and follow all safety and cleaning instructions for all the equipment.
    • Prepare and cut fruits and vegetables for cooking.
    • Trim, cut and prepare fruits and vegetables.
    • Prepare vegetables and salads according to the Armed Forces Recipe Service
    • Set up the serving line according to the menu items.
    • Garnish food items placed on the serving line.
    • Serve customers expeditiously and in a polite and friendly manner.
    • Refill serving line with food products as needed.
    • Ensure dining room area is clean and sanitary at all times.
    • After each meal thoroughly clean all equipment, tables, chairs, carts and all dining facility areas. Maintain high level cleanliness and sanitation.
    • At the end of the meal thoroughly clean the serving line, dessert bar, hot/cold boxes and walls and floor.
    • Scrap and sort soiled mess gear
    • Dispose of waste products such as paper products, bones, and corncobs, in appropriate garbage cans
    • Presoak soiled mess gear
    • Presoak soiled pots and pans
    • Rack soiled pots and pans and place in dishwasher
    • Rack soiled mess gear and place on the conveyer dishwasher
    • Put clean, dried and cooled mess gear back for customer’s use
    • Dispose of all trash and garbage after each meal

    Other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Qualifications: Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions. Ability to safely operate various types of equipment in the performance of duties. Must be able to obtain and maintain the required security clearance as stipulated by the contract. Within 90 days of employment must be able to obtain Servsafe certification.

Education and Experience: Prefer one (1) year experience in high volume food service operation.

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